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I don't know why they love to look at camera on MS so much LOL



I'm bored so i made this

I just combined 2 pictures of Chinen & Mayuyu into one
But i have to admit that their faces look so similar

1+ 2 =     machi
Just for fun LOL


I'm in love XD

Yeah!!!  I'm in love with Auslly XD - Best couple from Austin & Ally on Disney Channel
they're so cute XD
and i realized that Laura Marano (Ally) is younger sister of Vanessa Marano (Bay from Switched at Birth)
i watched Switched at Birth then Austin & Ally,i love Bay most in SAB and no wonder i love Ally too ^0^

Ross Lynch & Laura Marano (Auslly - Austin & Ally)
austinallys02e08girlfriAustin & Ally - 02x08 - Girlfriends & Girl Friends.avi_snapshot_07.41_[2013.02.10_15.35.30]
Austin & Ally - 01x09 - Deejays & Demos.avi_snapshot_11.42_[2013.02.10_07.57.49]Austin & Ally - 01x08 - Club Owners & Quinceaneras.avi_snapshot_17.31_[2013.02.10_02.00.47]
Vanessa MaranoCollapse )


My top 10 favorite members in 48Family ^0^

They're members i love from each group ^^

1. Watanabe Mayu - AKB48/Team A
AKB 1/149 恋愛総選挙 Making of 渡辺麻友.mkv_snapshot_06.48_[2013.01.01_21.33.44]

2. Jonishi Kei - NMB48/Team N    
Jonishi Kei - Chu ver.vob_snapshot_00.03_[2013.01.02_14.31.55]

3. Kimoto Kanon - SKE48/Team E

The rest...Collapse )

Time flies so fast

Mayuyu and Chinen,they're growing up so fast XD
They look really hot now >0<